5 Free Benefits of a Google My Business Listing
Google says that nearly 46% of searches have local intent, which means that customers find businesses online while they’re on-the-go. Help your customers find you; it’s easy and free with Google My Business.

5 Free Benefits of a Google My Business Listing

Imagine this… Sicily 1902, I’m hungry and I open the phonebook to find a pizza place. Maa, NEWSFLASH, it’s not 1902, or even 2002, and no one has a phonebook. This blog post is focused on one of the four types of online search intents, navigation, using Google My Business.

1cCr4-data-mobile-search-data-for-stores-open-near-me-download.jpgLet’s start over. Imagine, you’re hungry—almost hangry; you go over to Google and type ‘pizza place near me’… That’s local intent. You intend to buy something locally.

Google says that nearly 46% of searches have local intent, which means that customers find businesses online while they’re on-the-go. These navigational searches help customers know where specifically to get something they want. Luckily, it’s not difficult to help your customers, and by adding this Google My Business to your marketing tools you will reach potential customers–but you must optimize your free Google My Business Listing.


There are 5 clear benefits to having a Google My Business listing:

1. Google Maps Searches, Show Up

Location proximity is nearly as important as online reviews. Capture potential customers’ attention with a mobile-optimized Google Maps place using Google My Business.

With 78% of local-mobile searches result in an offline purchase within a few hours, having a mobile-optimized online presence isn’t a suggestion, it’s a requirement.

Google Maps populates related local businesses based on search criteria. Create a Google My Business Listing and complete the verification to ensure your business is represented on Google Maps.

Google My Business

2. Increase Consumer Trust

  • 66% of consumers have written an online review for local businesses – including 80% of 35-54-year-olds

  • 60% have written reviews for positive experiences, while just 25% have written reviews for negative experiences

  • 85% of consumers are willing to leave reviews

Help potential customers trust your business by getting reviews.


Star Ratings Boost Your Business’ Appeal

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Online reviews are a major factor that influences a potential customer’s purchase decision. The last time you searched for a restaurant, did you pick the place with the lowest reviews? No, of course not.

By leveraging your Google My Business listing, customers can review your business and leave feedback for everyone to see. Many companies want to control the narrative and only display the best reviews, but the truth is that by showing diversity in reviews and being open to honest feedback–and replying to user feedback publicly, potential customers are much more likely to trust and use your service.

Your business aims to deliver a quality experience, product and/or service. Leverage your reviews to bring yourself more leads and as feedback to continue to grow your business.

3. Increase Traffic and Sales

By establishing a Google My Business listing, your business is 70% more likely to attract a location visit. Keep your account updated to increase traffic to your business physically while increasing website visits.

Speaking of websites, a Google My Business listing can help your SEO.

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4. Help Your SEO & Rank Higher

Google My Business profile provides relevant information for Google to crawl and index in addition to your website. By fully optimizing your listing, Google can provide more value to your potential customers and therefore is more willing to rank your business higher. Help your SEO by using appropriate keywords, product tags, and more in your business listing.

Google’s Local 3-Pack

By creating a free Google My Business Listing, you can increase your odds of appearing in Google’s Local 3-pack.

Google’s Local 3-packs show up before organic traffic and preview the map, which makes this goal a top priority for local SEO.


5. Get Free Business Visibility

Your Google My Business profile provides you with free business visibility. Potential customers can quickly access your website or call your business with the tap of a finger.

Maximize your free listing today to take advantage of these great Google My Business benefits. It’s free to create, claim, and manage your listing.



3 Google My Business Listing FAQ

+ Why is Google My Business so important for businesses?

Google My Business listings feed information to the Google Maps and the Knowledge Box for better search results

+ Does Google My Business increase SEO visibility?

Yes, Google My Business listings increase SEO visibility

+ Will an optimized Google My Business listing help my website?

An optimized Google My Business listing will help increase click throughs to your website.

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