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destination wedding photographer turned marketing expert

y'all know that scene from Forrest Gump when he decides to stop running?

yea, that was me…

Fresh out of college, on the heels of the 2008 financial crisis, I was lost. All I knew was that I wanted to create and explore the world.

So I threw myself into wedding photography and figured out how to SEO myself into wedding venues from RI to FL to Aruba. With a natural eye & love of film photography, and passion for travel, I transformed myself into a destination wedding photographer.

Somewhere between the excitement of traveling, a few insane wedding parties (god–the stories I can tell), and the constant hussle, burnout caught up with me.

Driving back from the middle-of-nowhere-Georgia, nearly 10 years into that passion-turned-business, I had my Forrest Gump moment. I was heading home, done shooting weddings.

After a good breakdown and some time in therapy, I realized I could take my knowledge from a decade in the wedding industry and help others land their dream clients at their dream venues!

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“I’m pretty tired. I think I’ll go home now.”

Same Forrest, same.

See, I was legit…

Stefanie Morris

Stefanie Morris

SEO Expert

Today, I help creative entrepreneurs land their dream clients and venues, using everything I learned during my journey as a wedding photographer.

It’s not just about pretty pictures and SEO tricks – it’s about understanding your ideal clients and creating a strategy that will make your business soar.

If you’re ready to make your dreams a reality, let’s talk. Together, we’ll create a custom plan that will take your business to new heights.

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“I have an idea”

Ask any of my friends, if you hear me say that, there’s either a genius or terrible idea about to come out of my mouth. I’ve got the audacity to try things. Put it on my epitaph, famous last words and all…

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It’s my favorite color. It’s versatile, goes with most anything, virtually stain proof…what’s not to love. Wearing the same thing most days reduces decision fatigue, Steve Jobs anyone?! I translated that idea that into a color. Also, my mama raised me on old movies, the Addams Family & the Munsters. I love what I love.

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I’m a pen & paper person. Magazines inspire me!

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no filter

For as long as I remember, teachers and adults in my life have laughed at my lack of a filter. Come to find out, that’s just a touch of the *tism. In the words of Forrest, “What’s normal, anyways?”

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You’re likely to hear an f-bomb. I put myself through school working in kitchens and it’s there that I learned how to make sailors blush and unlearned the Southern-art of feminine perfection. …remember that lack of a filter thing, yea…

Business Insider says, “Turns out that using “the f-word” helped the workers express politeness, alleviate tension, and bond with each other. So, we’re not saying you should curse out your boss, but a little swearing here and there can’t hurt, and sh-t, it may even help.” 

RIP To The Best Office Assistant

Sir Phineas Hampton

Hamp/Hampton was a 15 year-old senior Yorkie. You may have heard him begging for a treat or demanding to go outside & water the grass during calls. 

It was his world and he was mine; he’s deeply missed.