12 Wedding Photography Website Mistakes

Fix These 12 Wedding Photography Website Mistakes To Increase Inquiries

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Fix These 12 Wedding Photography Website Mistakes To Increase Inquiries

Over the years I’d made my share of website mistakes when I was a wedding photographer, @smmphotog–if you need proof.

In the years since retiring from photography and moving into SEO & marketing consulting, I’ve noticed 12 reoccurring wedding photography website mistakes.

Most of these common website mistakes are rooted in assuming that people know more about you and your business than they do. Check your website to make sure you’re ready for inquiry season! 

Not stating your areas/locations served.

Not clarifying who you are, who you serve, and what you do on the homepage.

Using poorly written website copy & not clarifying who you are, who you serve, and what you do on the homepage.

Mistake #3.1

Forgetting to tell a story because you assume your photos speak for themselves.

Mistake #3.2

Using poetic language, cliches, and industry jargon (ex. ‘Journal’ instead of ‘Blog’–it’s a blog).

Mistake #3.3

Not explaining your client experience.

Mistake #3.4

Not linking to other pages in homepage text.

Not using any photos of yourself.

Not listing your services.

Not curating the photos on your website–believing you can’t have too many photos.

Trying to cater to everyone with your portfolio.

Not optimizing your photos.

Mistake #8.1

Uploading huge images that slows loading speeds & influences rank. Try to use webp formats — easily convert using convertio.co or a similar service.

Mistake #8.2

 Not titling your photos appropriately for web use.

Mistake #8.3

Not using utilizing the Alt Title.

Not having clear CTAs because you assume people know what the next step is. Ask for the sale. 

Not including reviews for social proof.

Not having your website setup to be mobile-friendly.

Not having Google Analytics installed.

When you’re ready to make your website SEO-friendly, here are a few tips to consider:

  • Find a Showit template. Designs created by experienced SEO professionals already have your pages structured for SEO, so you just need to add the details.
  • Invest in an SEO audit. An audit will show you how your website is performing and provide insights on how to improve its SEO.
  • Work with a Showit SEO Expert & Website Designer. If you’re considering building from scratch or relaunching your website with SEO in mind, find a website designer that specializes in brand identity and SEO.

Take your next steps today by connecting with me today and establishing the best move for a search engine optimized website to start generating organic traffic from Google.

Contact me today and/or leave a comment with your questions!

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I’m a recovering wedding photographer turned Showit SEO expert & marketing consultant. 

Explore the blog to learn how to do keyword research, search engine optimization, and create blog content strategy to uplevel your marketing and drive leads. 

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