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Dubsado CRM

Dubsado keeps me organized & saves me time

I use Dubsado integrated with Squarespace, Google Drive & Asana. I do SEO & marketing consulting–my setup will obviously be a little different but similar enough to let you visualize how it’s used.

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How I Use Dubsado

How Dubsado has helped my business

Dubsado helped me simplify my business by providing me with an all-in-one CRM that handles lead capture, onboarding, client management, payment processes, client communication, and more. 

I’ve been using the Dubsado for almost a year now and it has truly helped my business thrive by allowing me the time to concentrate on serving my clients. I compared several CRM‘s before choosing Dubsado.

What is a CRM?

CRM stands for a client management relationship tool; Dubsado is a CRM that helps you keep track of who you serve and how you need to serve them. I love a to-do list probably more than the next person, but I don’t love having to manually send out contracts, questionnaires, documents, etc., especially when those things need to be sent based on triggered activity in my workflow. 

What can Dubsado do?

Dubsado can schedule appointments, send quotes, sign contracts, send invoices with payment schedules, accept payments, send questionnaires, capture leads, hold templates for emails, contracts, forms, questionnaires, lead capture.

Can you have multiple workflows within Dubsado?

One of the things I love most is that it allows me to have multiple workflows. No matter which service someone inquires about, I can easily assign a specific workflow to make sure that I am efficiently getting information from the client in order to quote and fulfill the job.

Can you custom code your proposals in Dubsado?

Yes, you can custom code any form in Dubsado. I opted to purchase and work with Dub-Ins to get the base of my proposal design taken care of, but you can easily custom code any form or proposal yourself within Dubsado.

Why I switched from another platform to Dubsado

Dubsado consolidated several software products making my business even easier to manage. Switching to Dubsado was easy, cost-efficient, and gave me more options than I had working with multiple pieces of software.

How I use Dubsado to manage my business

I have multiple workflows set up, one for each service, in order to efficiently manage my business.

My favorite Dubsado feature and how I use it

I couldn’t possibly pick just one Dubsado feature to point out since my workflow integrates them all with ease. But with a background in software, I am partial to the Dubsado feature that allows me to use ‘if, then’ logic.

Favorite Dubsado Features:

  • Client Portal
  • Financial Reports
  • Multiple Workflows
  • Canned responses – emails
  • Multiple templates
  • Code-able proposals, documents, and forms
  • Integration with Zapier
  • If, then logic


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Dubsado Integrations

Dubsado is a dynamic CRM tool that pairs well with a variety of software services.

Software integrations I use with Dubsado:

Dubsado’s website states that the integrate well with several other software services.

We integrate with Quickbooks, Xero, Zapier, Cloudspot, Stripe, Square, Paypal, video conferencing apps, email providers, and calendar apps. Every integration puts more power in your hands. And for more of your favorite apps, we integrate with Zapier, an online automation tool that connects over 1500 of your favorite apps.

Dubsado Setup Checklist

I won’t lie, setting up Dubsado can seem daunting! Prepare yourself before you start with this comprehensive Dubsado Setup Checklist; I promise, it will make the Dubsado setup process and your life much easier.

Dubsado Account Setup Checklist

  • Branding

  • Payment Processors

  • Canned Emails

  • Calendar Access

  • Domain Access

  • Integration login information

Dubsado Template Setup Checklist

  • Written business process

  • Content that goes to clients at each step of the process

  • Website access to install Lead Capture

  • Packages

  • Proposals

  • Questionnaires

  • Contracts

  • Payment Schedules

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