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Comprehensive Website Audit

website audit

The truth is…

What you see on your site

What your ideal client sees

What Google sees or doesn’t see

…these are three very different things.

Get a free site audit and find out how to land your dream clients!

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Get a Free Site Audit

free site audit

As a former destination wedding photographer, I didn’t know where to start optimizing my site. I thought constant design changes would magically uplevel the clients I attracted.

…it didn’t, but mastering SEO did!

Let me pull back all those pretty layers on your site and tell you what you need to do to improve your SEO & start driving high-quality leads to your site. 

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SEO Audit Pricing

Your website is the marketing tool that educates visitors & converts them to clients

let me worry about this so you can focus on doing what you do best

The cost of a site audit is free, free .99, 0 dollars

it’s time to


Your website & online presence is key to scaling your business and raising your prices.

Using sales psychology, data-driven marketing strategies and expert SEO optimization, we’ll uncover your ideal clients’ wants & needs, to create a custom-designed website that elevates your brand and attracts dream clients.


Confidently raise your prices and scale your business to the next level!


Benefits of Free SEO Audit

Use a comprehensive SEO Audit to determine your current rankings, site speed, backlinks, on-page opportunities, and guide necessary SEO improvements to improve site rankings.

Site Performance
Determine what is needed to improve website speed and efficiencies
Positioning & Rank
Determine your current positioning to develop future SEO goals and guide necessary SEO improvements that will improve page rank
On-Page Optimization
Determine what content and on-page factors to optimize in order to improve rankings
User Satisfaction
Determine site improvements needed to improve usability and responsiveness


Free Site Audit FAQs

You may be wondering what is a comprehensive SEO audit, how SEO audits are done, and if a in-depth SEO audit is worth the investment; click through the SEO Audit FAQS to learn more.

A comprehensive SEO audit is the process of analyzing how well your web presence leverages best SEO & design practices to generate high-quality leads.

An in-depth SEO audit combines a programical website audit and the careful review of many ranking factors by an expert. By combining programical data and an expert analysis, we create a comprehensive SEO audit that acts as a guide for determining new SEO projects and identifying other necessary SEO services.

SEO Audits are necessary for determining your competitive organic search rankings so you can determine the SEO strategy needed to improve the site position.

Comprehensive SEO Audits are part of all done-for-you services including strategic site design, VIP Days, and consulting services.

Do you need SEO?

Get a free site audit

Let’s find out, together. 

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Expect your personalized site audit within 48 business hours.