How to Setup Google Analytics 4 – Showit Site

Step-by-Step How to Setup GA4 Set Up for Showit Sites

Connecting your Showit site to Google Analytics 4 is easy! Google Analytics 4, GA4, is a free tool from Google that allows you to track everything about the visitors and traffic on your website.

With Google Analytics, you can understand the user and their behavior as they navigate your site.

Currently, there are two types of properties for Google Analytics: Universal Analytics, UA, and Google Analytics 4, GA4.

To get the most out of Google Analytics, it is recommended to set up a GA4 property. Universal Analytics will be sunsetted in June of 2023, so make sure to add on a GA44 property asap.

How to Set Up Google Analytics GA4

Are you new to Google Analytics and don’t have an account connected to your site yet? Setting up Google Analytics 4 (GA4) for the first time is easy. 

Stop assuming how people use your site and what they’re looking for and use the Google Analytics–it’s free. 

How to setup a new GA4 account

1. Sign up for a Google Analytics account

2. Connect your website to the account

3. Set up your GA4 property

4. When you are prompted for Data Streams, select “web” from the options. It is recommended to enable Enhanced Measurements as it automatically collects page views and other events. If you wish to disable it later, you can do so.

5. Install tracking code on your website

6. Start tracking your data!

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The second way is to add a GA4 property to an existing Universal Analytics (UA) property.

Fortunately, the GA4 Setup Assistant makes this process easy by adding the GA4 property alongside the existing UA property.


How to add a GA4 account to your existing UA property

Adding a Google Analytics 4 (GA4) account to your existing Universal Analytics (UA) property is a simple process.

To get started, log into your Google Analytics account. Then, in the lower left-hand corner, click on the “Admin” option (you’ll see a gear icon next to it). In the Account column, select your account and website.

In the Property column, select the UA property that is currently collecting data for your website. Under the same Property column, you’ll see an option for “GA4 Setup Assistant” – click on that.

When prompted, click on the blue “Get Started” button where it says “I want to create a new Google Analytics 4 property.” In most instances, Google Analytics will be able to reuse your existing Universal Analytics tagging for your new GA4 property.

If not, click the blue button that says “Create and Continue” in the pop-up that appears and follow the steps accordingly.

And that’s it! Creating your GA4 account only takes a few steps and can be done whether you’re new to Google Analytics or adding GA4 to your existing UA account.

How to Add Google Analytics GA4 to Showit

Adding Google Analytics to your Showit website is easy! To connect it, you need the GA4 measurement ID. This code starts with G- and is known as a measurement ID.

How to find your GA4 measurement ID

      • Log into your Google Analytics account. If you have both a UA and GA4 account, make sure to select GA4. 

      • Then, click “Admin” in the lower left-hand corner next to the gear icon. Under the Property column, click “Data Streams” and then “Web”. 

      • Hover over the website URL and property name to turn the background from white to grey. 

      • In the pop-up that appears, locate the “Measurement ID” in the top row on the right-hand side.

      • Copy this ID which should start with “G-” followed by a string of 10 letters and numbers. Be sure to copy your measurement ID.

    add ga4 to showit site 1 - Stefanie Morris Co

    How to add your Google Analytics GA4 measurement ID to Showit, cont’d.

      • Navigate to the “Site Settings” option in the left-hand panel. 
      • In the pop-up that appears, click the “Third-Party” tab at the top. You will see an option to add your Google Analytics tracking codes. You only need to add your GA4 measurement ID, which is stated in the description text at the top of the pop-up. 
      • After adding the measurement ID, click “Close” in the bottom left-hand corner of the pop-up. 
      • Remember to click the “Publish” button as well.

      Video Walkthrough – How to Install GA4 on Showit Sites

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