Preventing Spam Comments & Reviews

Have you seen one of these fake Facebook reviews on your page? Facebook pages are battling an onslaught of spam & Meta seems to care less. 

facebook spam prevention - Stefanie Morris Co

Read below to learn how I mitigate spam comments & reviews on professional pages. 

Facebook Spam Facts

Before we cover anything, there are a few things you need to know: 

  1. These links are spam & should be assumed to be malicious. NEVER CLICK ON THESE LINKS.
  2. Facebook Support:
    1. Facebook will never contact you first via Messenger. (And yes, there is a way to chat with support, but you have to initiate that interaction.)
    2. Facebook will not leave a comment or review. 

Spam Reviews

Remediating spam reviews on Facebook pages is an annoying, yet easy process. 

  1. First, navigate to the reviewer’s profile & report the profile as a scam
  2. Then navigate to the review itself and click the three dots on the top right corner of the review to report the review.

By reporting the profile itself, you’re doing a solid for other business owners & fighting the war on terror.



Spam Comment Prevention

Below are the steps & settings I use to prevent spam comments. Follow my advice at your own risk. 

Step 1

Navigate to your page, then to Settings > Privacy > Page and Tagging //

facebook spam prevention 2 - Stefanie Morris Co

Check that your settings are set like the ones above. 

Step 2

Within Privacy Settings, navigate to Public Posts. Scroll down to Content moderation, toggle ‘Hide comments containing certain words from page’. 

facebook spam prevention 3 - Stefanie Morris Co

Step 3

Add whatever words you want to filter out. You can also add emojis. *This will not filter out reviews with those words, but it will prevent spam comments.

facebook spam prevention 4 - Stefanie Morris Co

Step 4

Scroll down to Restrictions and determine which countries you want to restrict, if any

facebook spam prevention 5 - Stefanie Morris Co

There you go, for now… Spammers will get creative and work around your best efforts; stay vigilant.

About The Author

Stefanie Morris

I’m a recovering wedding photographer turned Showit SEO expert & marketing consultant. 

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