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Tools & Resources

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Showit Website Migration Checklist
Beginners Guide to Showit Website Maintenance
Beginners Guide to Website Maintenance
learn seo

learn seo

Optimize your website for high-intent conversions. Learn how to do keyword research, search engine optimization, and blog content strategy to uplevel your marketing and drive leads. 

Business Tools


Dubsado is your all-in-one CRM for creative entrepreneurs. With workflows & automations, recurring invoicing, and contracts, everything’s in one place & works seamelessly.


Asana is my FAVORITE business tool. With client projects, editorial calendars, new Showit Templates, courses, and more constantly going at the same time. Asana helps me schedule all of the associated tasks & launches with ease. 



Building a new website? Showit’s your all-in-one, drag-and-drop website builder with the power of Wordpress blogging. 

Google Workplace

When you’re ready to look like a professional and drop the @gmail, @hotmail, @yahoo, or dare I say @aol email account and use your domain name, Google Workplace is your best bet! No affiliate link here, just good solid business sense. 

google workplace


Siteground is my go-to Wordpress & Woocommerce hosting provider. For as little as $15/year, Siteground’s got you covered!

Elementor Pro

If you’re not using Showit but you still want a drag-and-drop interface for Wordpress with even more customization options, Elementor Pro is exactly what you need!

Canva Pro

What would I do without Canva Pro? As a former wedding photographer, I’m intimately familiar with Adobe, but Canva Pro just makes my workflow so much easier! Save 16% when you sign up today.

Cookie Yes

Cookies, compliance, GDPR…yada yada yada. It’s so important. Let CookieYes take care of all of that for you, sign up today!


Photographers know Adobe as the gold-standard of photo editing. Unlock the power of Adobe for your business today.


ConvertKit is my favorite email marketing platform. With automations and nearly endless integrations, you’re sure to enjoy it too.

SEO Tools


Semrush is my preferred SEO tool for research and benchmarking. If you’re looking to uplevel your SEO research, start here!


If you’re using Wordpress or Showit, you might need an SEO plugin to help optimize content. RankMath Pro is my preferred SEO plugin. Grab it for yourself!

Google Keyword Planner

Did you know you don’t have to run paid ads to get access to Google Keyword Planner? It’s true. Find out how to use Google Keyword Planner on this blog post and then click the button below to get started.

google ads keyword planner

Meta - Business Facebook

If you’re accessing your business account through Facebook, you’re missing out on a suite of customizations and awesome business tools. Learn the right way to use Meta – Facebook as a business.