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How to Use Showit SEO Tools like an SEO Pro

So often when taking on a new Showit SEO project, I notice the Showit SEO tools being misused.

There are four essential Showit SEO tools, using these correctly can help improve the visibility of your website on search engines.

When optimizing your Showit website for SEO, it’s important to update the Page Title, Meta Description, Text Tags, and Image SEO settings. By utilizing these Showit SEO tools and setting them up properly, you can easily optimize the SEO of your Showit website.

Learning how to use correctly utilize text tags and image SEO settings is critical when optimizing your Showit website for SEO. Whether you’re a Showit SEO pro or just starting out, these SEO pro tips will help you understand how to optimize your website for search engines and generate organic traffic from Google.

To improve the visibility of your website on search engines, you should be utilizing these three Showit SEO tools:

• Page Title – This is the main title of your page and should be less than 70 characters.

• Meta Description – This is a brief description of your page and should be less than 160 characters.

• Share Image – This is the image that will appear when your page is shared on social media.

• Text Tag – This is a setting that is set for all on-page text.

• Image SEO – These settings are available on all images.

Accessing these tools is easy, and all you need to do is navigate to the SEO settings tab from the Site tab on the left side of your screen when you’re logged into

From there, you can set the Page Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords, and Share Image for your website.

With these settings in place, you can ensure that your website shows up on search engine results pages and provides the most relevant information to your potential audience.

How to Access access Showit SEO Tools

To access these basic Showit SEO tools you need to:

1. Navigate to the Site tab on the left side of your screen when you’re logged into

2. Select the SEO settings tab from the right side menu.

Showit Home Page Settings

Here, you will be able to set the Page Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords, and Share Image for your website.

With these settings in place, you can easily optimize the SEO of your Showit website.

Once you have finished setting up all of your SEO settings, be sure to click the “Save and Publish” button to make sure all of your changes take effect.

Showit Page SEO Tools

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Page Title

Your website’s title is very important, as it tells readers what the page is about and helps search engines provide the most relevant results.

Your title should be brief, including your brand’s keywords and the purpose of the page (Google only shows 60 characters in the title).

When creating a page title for your Showit website, you should consider several factors, especially when it comes to Showit SEO.

It should give readers an overview of what the page is about.

Meta Description

This is a description of a page, usually seen in search results. It gives viewers information about the page and encourages them to click the link. Meta Descriptions, or simply Descriptions, are short snippets of page content.

The purpose is to draw attention and convince people to click your page or post when it appears in search results. Here are some helpful tips for crafting a description for your pages or blog posts.

Share Image

When you share a page from Showit on social media or elsewhere, an image will be displayed. This is called the Share Image. You can set a Share Image for any page you create in Showit’s editor. To set a Share Image for a WordPress-powered blog post, you need to set a Featured Image in your WordPress dashboard.

Before launching your website, make sure to fill in all SEO settings to fit your business. You can come back and make changes to these settings at any time.

If you purchase a Showit website template, all SEO settings will be empty. This is intentional so that you can tailor them specifically to your business. Nobody knows your business better than you, so be sure to fill in these settings when setting up your website.

Text Tags for SEO

Search engines use HTML Text Tags and Showit Header Tags to index the structure and content of your web pages. Using this Showit SEO tool helps search engines better understand the information found on your site.

The most important headings should be formatted as <h1>, followed by <h2>, then <h3>, and so on.

Showit automatically applies Text Tags based on the font design settings you are using.

Showit also applies HTML tags to any text style used on your website, however, some manual settings can be used to give a boost to your SEO.

If you have used SEO practices before, you will find that the Showit SEO settings are not too different.

Here is an breakdown on the latest Header Tag SEO recommendations for optimizing your Showit Website for SEO.

showit header tags 1 - Stefanie Morris Co

Image SEO Settings

When viewing an image, there are options to add an SEO Title and Description for SEO purposes.

These titles and descriptions are used as the title and alt tags for the image and help search engines accurately index the file, instead of relying on generic image names.

Optimize Showit Images for SEO

Optimizing the graphics and images used and uploaded to your Showit website is an essential component of a successful SEO strategy.

Make sure not to overlook this important step. Here’s a detailed breakdown of how to optimize your images for SEO

Helpful Tips For Optimizing Your Showit Website For SEO

If you’re looking to optimize your website for SEO, Showit makes it as easy as possible but you’ll still need to do some work. If you’re ready to make your website SEO-friendly, here are a few tips to consider:

    • Find a Showit template. Designs created by experienced SEO professionals already have your pages structured for SEO, so you just need to add the details.
    • Invest in an SEO audit. An audit will show you how your website is performing and provide insights on how to improve its SEO.
    • Work with a Showit SEO Expert & Website Designer. If you’re considering building from scratch or relaunching your website with SEO in mind, find a website designer that specializes in brand identity and SEO.


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