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Showit Website Migration Process

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It’s not enough to install a new design and switch the cname records; it takes careful planning and mapping of your current keyword rankings, page urls, and site structure changes to pull of a successful website migration.

Phase One
SEO Audit of the existing site & Goal Planning
Phase Two
Research & Strategy
Phase Three
Technical SEO & On page optimization

DIY website migrations loose up to 40% of their original organic traffic

phase one

audit & goals

Audit of your existing site & evaluate the new Showit site’s structure.

Starting with a technical SEO audit of your existing site, we’ll work through all of the particulars regarding your website migration.

phase two

the plan

This is the part where we let the data do the talking.

No matter which website platform your migrating from, website migration is a complex process. We’ll make plan and prepare the new old & new sites for migration.

website design process phase 2 - Stefanie Morris Co
We determine which pages the site needs before we begin designing

phase Three

the launch

Layering your goals with your data and combining your visual branding, we execute the migration to the new site.

Don’t worry, we’ll even handle CNAME records and all that other techy mumbo-jumbo.


Showit Site Migration Reviews

“I’m about to raise my prices because I’m booking on a very regular basis and most inquires are from Google!” 

– Natasha Sewell


Showit Website Migration Pricing

Expect to invest $1,500+ in your website migration

The price is determined by many factors including the website platform you’re migrating from, the number of pages, the complexity of the new Showit site, etc…


Benefits of Showit Website Migration

Site migrations give the business an opportunity to improve navigation, improve responsive design, improve integrations, increase scalability, and ensure site security. 

Improved Navigation
Improved site navigation ensures that users funnel through all of the information needed to make informed decisions before making contact.
Better Responsiveness
The goal of responsive design is to give equivalent access regardless of device.
Improved Integrations
Careful site design and migration improves integration with CRMs, LMS, and marketing tools.
Increased Scalability
Since a website is a business asset, scalability is an important factor when migrating sites.
Rigorous Security
Site security is the top priority of all strategic site design and migration. You have a responsibility to protect your site as a business asset and the user information you collect.


Website Migration FAQs

We use a multistep process to ensure your new site is better than your existing site. The site migration process involves establishing tracking, creating and implenting a thorough 301 redirect strategy, documenting existing DNS records and then moving/updating DNS records, and providing you with a complimentary SEO audit after the migration is complete to ensure you’re aware of any gaps the migration mitigated or caused.

Website migration steps include: 

  1. Planning
  2. DNS documentation
  3. DNS migration
  4. 301 Redirect execution
  5. Launch
  6. Post-launch review
  7. Ongoing monitoring

To mitigate SEO loss when migrating your website you need to carefully consider your new website host to ensure they meet the needs of your business now and as you grow, create backups of your current site, migrate your content to the new site, document a site audit of the existing site, determine the urls of the new pages, plan 301 redirects, update DNS records, implement redirects and test the new site, update on-page SEO to coordinate with the old site, update Google Search Console for a site crawl, and monitor for any changes.

Changes in site navigation and structure, downgraded responsiveness and security, and lack of a thorough 301 redirect process and proper on-page SEO can negatively impact SEO. You can mitigate these risks by working with a professional to ensure you don’t lose rankings.

Showit & WordPress are the gold standards. Read more about the best website platforms we suggest, and those we don’t, on the blog.

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